Why purchase or rent from Racz European Violins instead of a general music store?

At Racz European Violin Studio you will receive the respect and attention that you deserve. No kids banging on drum sets or wailing on a guitar while you try to grab a moment with a store employee who may, if you're lucky, actually know something about a violin. Racz European Violin Studio offers you a quiet environment with no sales pressure. We understand that your time is valuable and make it a point to listen to YOU to discern your needs. You can be reassured that you will be getting an instrument that has been adjusted, set up (soundposts and peg fittings, bridge carving, fingerboard planing, etc.) and play-tested by an experienced professional violinist.

Why shouldn't I just purchase from a newspaper classified ad, neighbor, internet, etc.?

How much do you like to gamble? In most cases no warranty or certificate is included and the history of the instrument is unknown or not documented. Many people who have obtained an instrument in this way find that they need major repairs (set-up and adjustments in order for the violin to be in decent playing condition) and that the cost of their initial investment has just gone up dramatically - if the instrument is even worth repairing.

Ordering over the internet can be a major hassle. Depending upon where your instrument is shipped from it will be set-up for that climate and may not be set-up for our NW weather. How will the sender know how to customize the instrument for you, your student or your child? When these adjustments need to be made you will need to send it back so that you will now be without an instrument for however long it takes this unknown person to complete the job.

At Racz European Violin Studios we guarantee fast turn-around on all repair and adjustment jobs and will not leave you without an instrument in the interim.

Should I rent or buy? What size violin should I get?

Most violinists begin on rentals and that is the best way to start for the majority of players. At Racz European Violin Studio we take pride in all of our instruments so that our rental instruments are all in excellent playing condition and will be customized to fit your specifications.

Those wanting the very best quality may begin with purchasing an instrument, and for those who chose to do that Racz European Violin Studio offers great trade-ins in all different sizes, plus higher-level full-size instruments so that YOU get the best of the trade-in deal!

Some beginning violinists have instruments that are passed down to them by a family member or such, but remember that a violin is not necessarily better just because it is older. Before anyone begins playing on an instrument, make sure that it is the correct size and that it is in good condition so that no bad habits are instilled. Music is something that can be enjoyed forever and we want to ensure that you start out right!

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